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About Us

The Story of Our Name

Just before the turn of the twentieth century, a little smoke-stack locomotive made a daily round trip between Apex and what is now Angier. That little engine was known by many as “Little Goat.”

Harkening to a time when life moved a little more slowly, we offer traditional soda fountain treats and candy.  We hope the nostalgia allows you to slow down and savor the sweet!

The Beginning

In 2021,  Matt Sloan worked for a large bank while his wife, Jennifer, homeschooled their two younger children, and together they dreamed of owning their own small business.  After living in the country for the first 16 years of their marriage, they moved into small town Angier, and began to refine those dreams.  An evening at Christmas on the Square inspired the idea of a charming, nostalgic, old fashioned soda fountain.  

After securing a location in downtown in the fall of 2023, things really began to take shape. It was time for the years of dreaming and planning to become a reality.   Jennifer took on the role of general contractor for the upfitting of the building.  With the help of some amazing local tradespeople and the support of her husband, she saw her vision, influenced by soda fountains of the 1920s and drawn with colored pencils onto graph paper, come to life.  The Little Goat Soda Fountain and Candy held its Grand Opening on December 19, 2023.  

Matt still works for the bank, and Jennifer still homeschools, but now, with the help of their sons, they also scoop ice cream, sell sweets, and sow relationships with their customers and community. 

As Matt often says, they are "living the dream!"

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